Mars Winner Entertainment

Partners of online casino game developers and operators in Malta. integrating and installing casino games for the website PGSLOT95.NET operates under the region. Where the jurisdiction and law of gambling are legally permitted in the Republic of Malta. Languages ​​and games provided are provided by the employer and are licensed to PGSLOT95.NET only.

Information about Mars Winner Entertainment

Mars Winner Entertainment It is a provider of design and integration into online casino games for website dealers.
Founded on October 9, 2015, located in Republic of Malta. has designed and developed a website in the iGaming industry by combining it with the integration of leading global service providers. by contemporary technology architecture.


PGSLOT95.NET is the #1 popular PG SLOT game service website in Asia and Europe region. online slot games on site are integrated Licensed by Pocket Games Soft (PG SOFT™), a world-class casino game provider. Guarantees confidence to the players because It is a direct website, not through any agency. Comes with an automatic deposit and withdrawal system, convenient, fast, safe with 24 hours service.

The service on the PGSLOT95.NET website supports Thai language